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Finding Inspiration Within Every Face

More than your average martial arts dojo, The Art strives to create community bonds. A place where you get to know your neighbor. Physical or mental diagnoses shouldn't limit us. Here's where we all come together to work to make things possible.  


Coming from humble beginnings, Mr. Jake taught one-off classes across the Twin Cities for most of his 20's. Helping small businesses build their programs while inspiring young minds along the way. In 2012 Mr. Jake and his wife Ms. Natalia sat down and decided it was time to embark on their own. Taking what little savings they had in their 30's, they started The Art, MMA. They decided to combine the things that inspire them both—physical fitness that instills discipline while providing a safe space within the community to grow. Having both spent their youth a little misguided they understand the importance of a busy youthful mind. They have inspired other parents and students to give back to the community as well by spending time with those in need and by countless donations that have kept The Art afloat during the planet's most difficult times. They hope to inspire for many more years to come. 

  • I tested positive for COVID but I am vaccinated, can I attend class?
    No. If you or any member in your household has tested positive for COVID (any variant) please do not attend in person class. This is a close contact sport and COVID continues to be highly contagious. We have many students with underlying health issues that we are trying to keep safe.
  • What is your attendance policy?
    Students are expected to attend classes on a regular basis. Twice a week is recommended. Students may come on different nights each week (in accordance with their belt rank) and do not have to stick to a routine. Please keep in mind; students who attend less than once a week will not advance as quickly as students who attend twice per week. Students who plan to miss more than a month of classes are expected to contact us at
  • What is your class makeup policy?
    Any classes missed can be made up during the next following month. Missed classes do not equate to future month's tuition credits or refunds.
  • Do you have contract or start-up fees?
    No. At The Art MMA we do not charge you a start-up or contract fees. We try and keep the cost low for everyday families.
  • I have a runny nose and a cough, can I still come to class?
    No. With the recent world events, we recommend that you stay home when you are ill. Snotty sharing is not caring. Our bodies need rest from all of our cells to restore them back to 100%. Even though masks are required working out is no fun while you are sick. In addition, Mr. Jake has a condition called Cystic Fibrosis which can turn a common cold into something very serious. For more information please visit If you feel you just can't miss a class you can attend class virtually. Class links can be found here. .
  • What if I missed a class?
    Simply make-up a class on another day or try a new class like BJJ, Karate White Belt, or Kickboxing class. No need to call, text, or email.
  • Do I have to wear a mask?
    Yes. Masks are required. We continue to monitor the situation as time passes. We have received many calls that students have contracted viruses outside of the studio but to date have not had an outbreak of COVID or Monkey Pox within the studio.
  • What if I have a scheduling conflict with other activities?
    Please note, if you originally signed up for this program and then signed up for other activities that conflict with classes it is not our responsibility to give any monetary or time credit or cancel your program. You are paying for instruction and space in the dojo. If a parent overbooks a child/child’s schedule or an adult student overbooks their own schedule or changes their employment it is their responsibility to revise their schedules and commitments to The Art MMA. Before you join make sure you can meet our weekly minimum training requirements.
  • What is your payment policy?
    Your tuition is due on the 1st of each month. Your account is overdue after the 10th and it will incur a $10 late fee. It is the member’s responsibility to keep an updated credit card on file. No refunds are given on unused tuition for the month and tuition fees will not roll over if un-used the month prior. Returned check NSF Fee $25 plus any added late fees will be added to the invoice. Students who plan to miss more than a month of classes are expected to contact us at to place a pause on your account in writing 2 weeks prior.




If you would like to donate please click the links below. Donations will help pay tuition, gear, and belting fees. 

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